Welcome to Baltic Cider Awards 2020!

The Baltic region is home to many apple orchards, no wonder that cider has become a fast emerging culture here! We are proud of our cidermakers, but also the highly developed gastronomic culture in the Baltic region, awarded restaurants and world-class sommeliers. 

Baltic Cider Awards has been created to recognize the quality of the ciders produced in the Baltics and celebrate together with professionals and gourmets the variety of flavours offered by the cideries from this part of the world. The aim of Baltic Cider Awards, in cooperation with Riga Wine & Champagne festival, is to highlight the diversity, taste nuances and role of local cider in the gastronomic culture, as well as to raise consumer awareness of authentic local cider, in contrast  to the range of industrial drinks.

Entry to the competition is not restricted to cider producers from the Baltic states, but also all other countries surrounding the Baltic sea are invited to participate to reveal regional variations and promote the culture and values of Baltic cider.

The jury will consist of honored and experienced sommeliers, internationally renowned wine and cider experts, with Felix Nash from Great Britain as Head of the Jury.

The Baltic Cider Awards selects the best ciders available in the Baltic region, thus spreading the knowledge about quality cider and making the choice for potential cider lovers easier. 

The selected best ciders of 2020 will be available for tasting during the Riga Wine & Champagne festival on November 14, 2020 at Hanzas Perons, Riga, Latvia. Visitors will be able to taste Baltic ciders in combination with delicacies from the best chefs from Riga and Latvia, and meet cidermakers. Cider will be highlighted here as a separate new beverage category, next to the best wine selection.

Tickets for the event will be available in September at www.rigawinechampagne.lv or on the eKase website www.ekase.lv.