Cider can be as dry and sparkling as champagne and as cool and refreshing as beer! That is why cider is increasingly served as an aperitif, and sparkling cider chosen during celebrations.

Cider complements food exceptionally well ! Flavour combinations aren’t limited to just wine. Cider doesn’t overpower light dishes, instead it highlights their delicate flavours. The great variety of ciders, together with their natural acidity, make them a suitable accompaniment for almost any dish.

The natural acidity of Baltic region ciders makes it perfect for enjoying together with fresh vegetables and salads in the summer season, as well as different tapas-kind snacks and toasts.

Local ciders are great accompaniments to local products and dishes such as grey peas with bacon and onions, pickled herring, pork stew, cabbage, pearl barley, and chanterelle sauce, however, they can also be matched very well with the delicacies of other cultures. One example of this is oriental cuisine that can be complemented very well by the lighter cider, be it a delicate sushi meal or a spicier meat or vegetable stir fry.

Cider can also be added when making stews and sauces with its sweet and sour flavour perfectly complementing pork, chicken or rabbit. The elegance and delicacy of some of the local ciders remind of a white wine, and can highligh fish dishes.

Cider is also a great accompaniment to cheese, which is why producers often serve these two together in tastings.