Baltic cider & food challenge 2022

A gastronomic adventure dedicated to Latvian and Baltic natural ciders and their harmony with food, with an emphasis on local small bakeries and cheese producers. Cider makers will share their stories and experience, sommeliers and cider experts from Latvia and abroad will share their recommendations, chefs will discover the best combinations of food and cider to share a unique taste experience with gourmets. Guests are especially invited to appreciate the ciders produced in Latvia and the Baltics in accordance with local products - rye bread or rye flour products and cheese.

Latvia is the land of apples, so making cider here is natural! The ancient traditions of apple cultivation in our country, as well as the diversity of high-quality varieties, are significant advantages of Latvian cider culture. Our climate is particularly suitable for making cider, about 30 years ago cider culture started to develop here, and today local cider producers are awarded at local and international competitions. Natural cider is a refined drink with rich flavor nuances and is significantly different from cheap mass production that uses concentrate and artificial flavours. Small producers usually participate in the entire creation cycle themselves: once a year in autumn, they squeeze aromatic juice from fresh apples, slowly ferment it, creating a natural, authentic cider.

Cider days in Pāvilosta or Baltic Cider & Food Challenge will take place in the premises and courtyard of Hotel OTTO & Sun, where visitors can enjoy the event in two parts:

August 4, 19:00, by pre-booking a place for a gourmet dinner performed by three chefs. The evening will be accompanied by stories from cider makers and recommendations regarding choices of products to discover fantastic flavor combinations dedicated to cider. 

Geathering at the OTTO Hotel & Sun rooftop terrace from 6pm. Welcome drink and DJ Phraze to start the evening.

A 9 course gourmet dinner by 3 Latvian chefs, matching the tastes of different local ciders at OTTO Hotel & Sun restaurant. Cider makers will share their stories and chefs will explain their choices of pairing food with cider during the evening.

August 5, 12:00 - 16:30 Cider, cheese and bread market. Visitors can also buy a tasting glass and a booklet with information about all producers at the entrance. During the market, there will be masterclasses about cider styles and cider & cheese pairing.


This event has been developped thanks to the support of the tourism project "Cider route" created by the Baltic Country Holidays association and the Rural Support Service of the Republic of Latvia.

Projekta nosaukums: Tūrisma produkta "Sidra ceļš" izveide un mārketings. Projekta numurs: 19-00-A01630-000001.